Sunday, March 7, 2010

TANGO !!!!

We went to a tango show last night - I think i am now addicted to watching tango. They say it's "A Vertical Expression of a Horizontal Desire" and now i understand what that really means. These dancers were athletes and their performances were astounding. The tango singers were also unbelievable. One of the male vocalists sounded exactly like the famed Carlos Gardel (I bought the c.d.) The evening venue was dinner and the tango show and our expectations re the food were low, but it was one of the best meals I've had in South America and I've had lots ..... The place was beautiful/decadent and completely appropriately decorated for the 30's. The club held about 500 people, all seated at tables in front of a big stage. The orchestra was directly above the stage where the dancers performed. Beautiful old world grace everywhere you looked. We were picked up from the apartment and delivered on time and given that San Telmo, the tango area, is pretty seedy, we were completely safe. I want to go to another show. We have seen tango on the street here, even near the apartmet, and I'm hooked. I must see it again before we leave.

Emily just went out for a bottled water run and has come home with the obligatory Dulce de Letche cookies too. Bad woman. We seem to have tea and cookies in the late afternoon if we're in residence as dinnertime is so late here. Tonight is Oscar night and there will be goodies involved.

Will be home this week. Slight problem with our flight as AC appears to be rescheduling flights out of Santiago (without any advice to us, of course) and we were to connect there for our flight home. Santiago was still getting aftershocks a week ago so likely not the preferred airport right now. We have to vacate this apartment by noon on Wednesday and I think our hoped for flight may not be leaving until around 10 or 11 p.m. from here, if we can fly direct. We get into Toronto at the crack of dawn the following day. If direct it's around a 10 hour flight but if through Santiago it's maybe 13 hours.

Hope everyone is well - we are having a ball and loving Buenos Aires to bits. I know I will come back here. It's a lot like Paris at a fraction of the price. When I come home am going to sign up for that Rosetta Stone spanish course. Enthusiasm abounds ... right now anyway. Sally and Denise are up at the Recoleta market which has hundreds of artisans selling their wares. Beautiful stuff. I could fill trunks with their products. Everything handmade. Emily and I have both said if we had grandchildren we would have boxes of stuff going home.

must go and do a test pack to see if I have to buy another suitcase. Have gone somewhat crazy on handbags here and they're b i g.

xx oo

love m
xx oo

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