Friday, March 5, 2010

back from Iguazu Falls

We flew up to Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian border yesterday morning . It's an incredible place and so isolated and beautiful. Not a big commercial thing like Niagara Falls. There is a town, but it's 20k from the actual Falls and the Park, which is really a rainforest. There are hundreds of falls and they are gigantico. We walked from the hotel down a dirt path to a little train that took us to what we thought would be a short walk on a catwalk over the estuaries to the Diablo Falls which I believe is the highest. Well I can tell you .... the walk went on and on and on and on. It was 95 degrees and totally humid and we walked forever on catwalks over the water. There were maybe three little spots to sit for a minute on the way. It was a two mile walk approx. and once I started, not knowing how far the Falls were, I was committed to continue until I got there. Sally and Denise went ahead and Emily stayed with me as we plowed ahead. Once we got to the viewing area in the middle of nowhere, it was simply unbelievable. Like Niagara Falls stretched out to ten times its size and in a backdrop of pristine rainforest. I will post pictures when I get back. We saw millions of butterflies - they were everywhere. Lots of animals in the park but we didn't see monkeys. When we got back to our hotel within the park property we saw Toucans (the parrot-like bird with the enormous beak) and a flock or two of green/blue parrots. The hotel left a card asking to shut the screen doors so the monkeys could not get into the rooms. Another beautiful and unspoiled place. There were eco tours available but we weren't there long enough to go. Denise and Sally also went on a boat trip into the Falls that was apparently just amazing. The walk to get to the boat almost killed them - down down down at the beginning and then the reverse, on uneven slippery stone steps for a very long way. When we got back to our rooms yesterday afternoon after all of this, the showers were going on extra hot, and we were almost in comas until dinner. I should feel worse than I do today in terms of being stiff and sore, but all the walking on the ship surely has helped to give me a bit of muscle in spite of all the dulce de leche consumed here.
We have yet to go to a Tango show and that's on the list. Also going to have a "Gallery Day" here in BA in a day or two. Hard to believe that my time here is almost over as next week I come back home and the vacation is over. I will be happy to be home in many ways, but not so happy to be back in the cold. It's so far away here and after almost seven weeks travelling, the idea of returning is surreal. I also heard today from someone in line at the airport that Santiago is on earthquake alert - i'm guessing more aftershocks. No idea at this point whether our Air Canada flight will be going through Santiago as planned or if it will be rerouted or be a direct flight from here.
We also did a walk about in the Recoleta Cemetary the other day and found the
Duarte family vault where Eva Peron is interred. Such a lovely old place with so much history. We also continue to shop in spite of ourselves, and Eric, if you're reading this, you have another hat. This one is a summer (straw) Tango hat which is shaped somewhat like a Fedora. Eric is one of the kids who walk Oliver.
We are all safe and sound here and loving B.A. We are finding the city easy to get around in and the people to be quite friendly and helpful. We are managing in our fractured Spanish, but I will be taking lessons before my next trip to a Spanish speaking country since more of the world speaks this language than English. The food here is cheap and good and they love Italian everything. More pizza places here than in Toronto and they are wonderful.

love to everyone

xx oo

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