Sunday, January 24, 2010

the markets of Santiago

Good afternoon folks. Here we are again / still in Santiago Chile for another day or so and then onto Vina Del Mar on the coast.

We went to a fantastic restaurant last night called Mestizo which was cutting edge architecture and in a park by a beautiful pond where the black necked swans swam around and people were walking by with their kids. Lots of stray dogs too - looked a bit like disenfranchised Huskeys somehow.
Today was Market Day for us and we spent the day pretty much at a place called "Los
Dominos". Lots of shops outside that sold everything from Lapis and Chilean Turquoise jewellery to dolls and sweaters etc. I didn't buy a lot but did manage to make a few small purchases.
Tomorrow we are taking a day trip into the Andes and also visiting a vineyard- Santa Carolina - which will be interesting since we've had their wines at home. Have been on my feet a lot and feel it, but having a ton of fun. Continue to like the people here and the city is very very clean. Food is good. Last night had Chilean Sea Bass and Sally had Grouper and both were just terrific.
We can't get enough of the fish and seafood. Almost every meal so far ....
Will check in tomorrow night after our trip into the mountains.

love m

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  1. Did you ask if the chilean sea bass really comes from chile? Remember me when you are looking at all those exotic stones and visiting wineries!