Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spa Day

I was exfoliated within an inch of my dermis. This is not a treatment for sissies here. But I have to tell you it didn't start well. To make a long story short, they don't make a robe in this country over about a size 6 and i would need wear two of them - one backwards and one forwards - to go around me. I take no shame in saying this, as even those of you who are slim would have difficulty with this velour kimono situation staying closed. I did the best I could and huddled in an anxious puddle until the lady came to get me for my treatment, trying my best to pull the two sides of this horrific tiny little garment together. Oh - and the other injurious thing they gave me was something they called "underwear". Well, it was like a little paper thong type of thing with the front and back being attached by a 1/4" thick piece of elastic. I didn't even attempt to put that on, thinking if I didn't quite get my leg into it I could put someone's eye out in the change room as it could quite easily transform itself into a dangerous projectile. I left my own sensible cotton undies on for the duration.
We have been lazy ladies today but did do more jewellery shopping this morning. We also continued our quest for a very specific wooden kitchen tool without success. No one would guess Little Miss Fulton and I have OCD, but when it comes to the pursuit of a lemon reamer, we are relentless. We saw the perfect little object in a market in Santiago, didn't make the purchase and have been haunted and obsessed ever since. Sally took her life in her hands today and walked around the seediest marketplace looking for lemon reamers. How the hell can you even tell someone what you're looking for with no Spanish / English translator? Ridiculous. Yet - here we are, planning yet another raid on marketplaces all down the Chilean coast and perhaps inland to secure said reamer.
It's been a slow day in Vina del Mar. Tomorrow we do the city tour and look at palaces and gardens. A little culture doesn't hurt. I will be exfoliated and ready to go looking for odd kitchen implements should the opportunity arise.

goodnight folks

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