Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vina del Mar, Chile

We are here, we are here !!! The drive from Santiago was lovely, through the Andes and then the Coastal Range. Lots of vineyards along the way. It's about a 2 hour drive.
Vina del Mar is just beautiful and I don't think i've talked about the weather here in Chile at all. It's up around 30 Celsius every day but there isn't any humidity and so it's absolutely perfect. We were sitting by the pool here which is on a point jutting right over the ocean and I was actually chilly due to the breeze, but the temperature was 86. There were a few enormous waves rolling in - at least twenty or thirty feet high, and when we were up from the lounge area and sitting under an umbrella further back a few gigantic breakers came crashing over the wall and people not only got soaking wet, but it was like the tide rolling back out on the floor. Sally's Teva sandals went overboard and there was nothing to be done about it. Quite dramatic with people screaming and yellin and jumping around. People in the pool looked like they were in the ocean itself with this gigantic wave over their heads and then crashing down into the pool too. There were half a dozen big ones and then they seemed to die down. Sally got the last big wave on video but the file is too big to send, even after she tried to compress it. sorry folks.
Our room is lovely and right on the ocean. there are big ships in the bay and you can hear the waves rolling in. We're at the Sheraton Miramar which is only about 5 years old. What can I say - we're happy as clams. Had lunch on the patio - everything here is on the ocean - every room and every restaurant. Tomorrow we may go to the spa in the middle of the day and get massages. Poor us. It will be difficult to leave the grounds.
We board the Veendam on Saturday - what's the date today??? I have stopped wearing a watch, first of all for personal safety while walking around Santiago when we were there, and now it's just not important except, of course, God forbid we should miss a meal !!!
Have been careful about being in the sun, mostly because you can't really feel yourself being burned because the heat isn't uncomfortable at all and there always is a strong breeze.
I've been derelict in sending pictures, but tomorrow i will try to do it. You have to see the view here and the rocky coastline with the waves crashing up in the afternoon.
Hope everyone is well. I heard about the torrential rain and e-mailed a friend to come and check the basement at the lake. I had an industrial strength sump pump installed in the Spring - but better to be safe on that score.

take good care

love maggie

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