Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earthquake in Chile

We are safe and warm next door in Argentina. Thanks everyone re your e-mails asking if we are safely out of Chile and away from the earthquake area. We didn't feel any tremors here although the news said we had them in Buenos Aires. They must have been very slight. Emily arrived from Naples via Atlanta this morning without any problems, but Sally's friend Denise is stuck in Santago and we're not sure how or when she's getting to BA. She had booked a day/night there on her trip to join us since it was more or less on the way, and then had the bad luck to be there for the earthquake last night. The Radisson, where she is staying, was evacuated at 4 a.m. and she was moved to a lower floor due to damage higher up. They are without power and water and phones in Santiago and we are waiting for word as to how she will be leaving the city as the airport is closed due to earthquake damage and one would think that flights will be horribly backed up once it's operational again in a few days. There has been nothing else on CNN all day - and now the world is waiting for the effects of the Sunami in Hawaii. It's almost surreal to be sitting here watching this having just been on a ship in the Pacific Ocean off the Chilean coast just a few days ago.

We spent a few hours this morning in our "hood" wandering around the Recoleta area to an outdoor market and also found a shopping area called Buenos Aires Designs where there is an abundance of beautiful furniture and home decor items. Emily was delighted, as she is a fabulous decorator and always interested in edgy things. (Dennis, please prepare the living room for a really amazing soft grey leather sofa ensemble.) We all came back with a purchase or two from the market for our efforts and had a high test coffee in a cafe over there so we could sit down for a few minutes to rest. I'm still feeling stiff and sore from all the waiting and lining up in the airport, but it's getting better. Am continuing to walk every day and it will get better again I'm certain.

Denise is not far from our thoughts as we continue to be concerned and want her here with us as soon as possible. We're just not sure how that is going to happen and when. She was going to try to get a car to bring her here, but it's 700 miles away and some of the roads around Santiago have been damaged and aren't usable. The good news is that she is unharmed and will find a way to get here as soon as she can.

It's wonderful to have Emily here. Now Sally and I have someone we can make fun of, instead of each other ..... lol... and when Denise finally gets here, the merrier we shall be.

love maggie

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  1. Hi Maggs,
    Glad to hear Em arrived safely and am keeping my fingers crossed that Denise ("not Dennis")arrives soon and safe.
    Em can relay her e-mails from me DAHH, I read your blog as Emily and Dennis not Denise. So you can make fun of me for Col