Friday, February 26, 2010

back in Buenos Aires

I have been remiss in my blogging. We survived the transition from Santiago Chile, to Buenos Aires, Argentina but suffered long line ups going through the $$ reciprocity collection booths and then immigration in the BA airport. My knee is bunged up again, but not so bad as it was before I left on this trip. Standing in lines is about the worst thing i can do but icing helps and giving it a rest helps too. Enough with the whining.

BA is so beautiful I could just wax on about it endlessly. We were out and about this morning shopping on Calle Florida which is a big pedestrian street full of stores. Lots of wonderful leather products at a fraction of what we pay at home and beautiful silver. Anything produced here in Argentina is inexpensive and lots of it is very well done. We have had some really good simple meals out just a block or two from the aparatment here on Pacheco de Melo, and truth be told, there is a restaurant downstairs that has the most incredible ice cream it shouldn't even be legal. Dulce de Leche icecream and also a coffee list that goes on and on. When Sally gets back from her walk, we are going to sit in the cafe and have a wee bit - sort of afteroon tea except with coffee and icecream. hmmmmmm. We continue to be the first to arrive in the cafes at night - don't quite know how we are going to work up to going out at 10 or 11, but am sure we'll make it one of these evenings.

Emily and Denise are arriving tomorrow. Em in the morning and Denise in the afternoon. Then the fun here truly begins. Sally and I were here just for the day a couple of weeks ago when the ship was in port and we did a three hour tour - but this time we will likely go on a double decker bus and see it again. Architecture and public squares are so amazing - even the apartment buildings are beautiful with the old Mansard rooftops and grills on the balconies with flower pots etc. Just lovely.

I hear the little tiny scary elevator outside our door so Sally might be returning. This little iron cube is all grillwork and is maybe 3 ft x 4 ft. and makes your stomach lurch when it starts and stops. I am endlessly surprised and always gasp at these moments for some reason.

Love to everyone, and will write again in a few days. Oh - and the weather is not 95 as usual here, it's maybe 75 and totally perfect. You could see on the way in from the airport that there has been flooding, but in the main part of the city you'd never know they'd had any rain at all.


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  1. Glad to hear that you are safe and that BA appears unharmed from both quake and floods. So sorry about your friend in Santiago. I am very jealous of your good time to come in BA. My purses look just as good here as they did there - can't wait to deliver them. Rowdy Margaret