Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Strait of Magellan

It is indescribably beautiful here. I woke up this morning around 7 and sat up, looked to the left, and there it was - a fijord. The first of probably many thousands we've seen today down here. We're truly at the bottom of the world and the Chilean landscape is all rock and lichen covered low mountains. The only signs of civilization for the last day have been occasional channel markers where the Magellan is very narrow. It's breathtaking, and right now am sitting at this computer which is in front of a huge window and all you can see - as far as you can see - are mountains, some with snow, and, of course, water. It's really quite unbelievable that there is no one down here - no one at all. We haven't seen a house, a hut, a tent - nothing. This land probably can't support much life even in terms of larger animals . I haven't even seen many birds. Tomorrow we will be in Punta Arenas and we are going on a tour of the area. One can go to see Penguins, but I think we are going on a Penguin viewing trip the next day. The days all seem to run into each other; everyone says the same thing. We have to keep looking at our excursion list to remember what day it is and what we're doing.

Have met some lovely people on the ship from just about everywhere. Had breakfast with a group from California and a woman from Washington State. Met up with Margaret (Washington State) at lunch and got to know her better. She's a lawyer in an Elder Care practice, and the Californians were recently retired military (Navy) people. It's interesting that most of the Americans we have met all want to hear about our healthcare system once we tell them we're Canadians. Fortunately so far we've met American liberals.

Went to an art history lecture this morning and it just reaffirmed that i really should be studying this more seriously when I get home. The subjectmatter has always been fascinating to me and as it turned out, the lecturer got her degree at York University in Toronto. Small world. Really.
I must look into a course maybe at Trent.

Am looking at this moment at the tiniest little island - maybe 20 feet long, and it has a little red marker on it. hmmmm It wouldn't be good to bump into one of those ....

Went to the spa again just before I started writing and had a lovely facial. I think I look at least ten years younger. Everyone says so. ha ! We will head to the main dining room for dinner tonight. Tomorrow night we're going to the Pinnacle - which is the reservations only / added cost dining room.

Just this second spotted a sunken ship. not kidding. guess it didn't see one of those little islands. it's probably an old fishing vessel but it's actually quite large. This would not be a good place for any kind of rescue if one was looking to get out of these freezing cold waters in a hurry.

will sign off for now. Am going to try to get some pictures on this blog now that it's a bit faster. Tried for half an hour earlier today and couldn't even get into my e-mail. Something about magnetic fields // rock // too many people using the connection. I may try tomorrow when we're in port.

love maggie

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