Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tierra del Fuego / Argentina

The seas are finally calm and we spent a spectacularly beautiful day in Tierra del Fuego national park near Ushuia. Normally temperatures here are around 10 celsius but today was 19 and the sun was shining. In Tierra del Fuego they only get maybe 10 days of sunshine a year, so this was exceptionally lucky. It is so very beautiful down here and as i look out right now i am seeing land that probably no one has ever walked on for many hundreds of miles. The Yamana people once lived here and apparently there is only one single individual living now. We cruised by the Avenue of Glaciers a few hours ago and i can only say that it's breathtaking. I wish I had some talent as a photographer because surely there could be no more beautiful scenery on the globe.

Tomorrow we will be in Punta Arenas and I am going to Ottway Bay to look at Penguins and then to a sheep farm. It's a long excursion - about 8 hours - and am quite looking forward to it. Missed the sheep farm in the Faulklands, so i will get a taste of it (lamb bbq?) tomorrow.

The internet is very very slow tonight for some reason and usually at this time it's pretty good, so i can't post a picture. I think when I get to Buenos Aires i will go back into this blog and post several photos from there of some of the places I've seen on this trip. When I get home will put them all on a webpage so everyone can look at them if you would like to.

Have just had a most delicious decaf Moccachino and have finished my latest book "The Help" which was wonderful. I think I'll get another coffee and go to my cabin, sit on the verandah and watch the bottom of the world go by.

Life is good.

love m


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