Monday, February 8, 2010

Faulkland Islands - N O T

So disappointed not to be able to stop in the Faulklands yesterday. The swells were 25 ft and strong winds blowing the wrong way and so the captain decided that it wasn't safe to try to launch the tenders to get us all in. Sally and I are only a handful of passengers who are taking the cruise back around to where we started in Valparaiso, so we will get a second chance.
We sail all day again today and maybe tomorrow as well before we get to Montevideo, Uruguay. Have been reading a lot - currently "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", which I'm loving. Read "March" by Doctorow before that and "Cutting for Stone" before that - all on the e-reader which I'm loving to distraction. (Doesn't take much .....) I do find the "sea days" long, and due to our inability to stop in Stanley, we have four in a row which is way too much for me.
We're meeting lots of people on the ship and frequently dine with others. My world was getting to be pretty small in Bobcaygeon and this has been really good. Healthcare and Obama always the subjectmatter for some period of time with most of the Americans.
Met a couple who live on Ridge Drive, which is only blocks away from where we lived on Inglewood and then Moore Ave., and their sons went to RSGC. Their youngest was a year behind Michael in school, and they also knew Larry from cubs. It's sure a small world.

We have rolling seas again today, but it doesn't really bother me. Lots of people have been seasick due to the big swells and constant chop, and even folks who haven't been sick on other voyages are bothered this time. It's actually (for me) kind of nice at night. We all have noticed our legs hurting though and it's from trying to stay upright some days just walking around the ship. We are about 200 yards from the dining room .... need I say more?

well , am going to go on a kitchen tour shortly. Am fascinated with how they manage to produce all this food and where and how it's all stored etc. This afternoon there is a lecture on Montevideo which I will attend as well. I was dragged into a culinary quiz yesterday up in the Crow's Nest and we actually won. Had it been any other type of quiz I'd have opted out .....

love to everyone

xx oo

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  1. Hi Maggie,
    Sent a comment on one of your other days, but alas not very savvy at this so. Have been following and am happy you are enjoying. Hope this gets to you.