Monday, February 22, 2010

Last day at Sea / Valparaiso tomorrow

Today is our last day and tomorrow morning we will be in port in Valparaiso and then heading to Santiago for one night before our flight to Buenos Aires where we have heard we may need a rowboat rather than a taxi ...... can't get much news on it but it sounds like there was a lot of flooding in the lower areas. Am thinking the Recoletta area is higher up (since it houses a huge and ancient cemetary) and should be okay. Today will be a scary packing day and we will find out just how much room all those t shirts and hats take up. My plan was only to buy jewellery but that went out the window awhile ago.
Yesterday the excursion for my "Taste of Chile" cooking and shopping experience with a chef was not what i thought it was going to be. We were overly long at the fishmarket but the other side of it is that it was interesting in its own way - lots of octupus hanging like ragged curtains all in a row, chicken eggs of green, grey and shades of brown, king crab stacked up and tons of dried kelp and seaweed. We then went to the Chef's restaurant. The lunch took forever to get together and the kitchen far too small to be a teaching or even viewing kitchen and so most of the guests from the ship got merrily and loudly drunk on all the cheap Chilean wine they were being served by the gallon while waiting hours to eat. It was hilarious. Singing and laughing like maniacs in this charming lakeside restaurant. The food was odd - the starter being a ceviche made of octupus, kelp, and other unidentifiable sea creatures ( i hate to think what some of them might have been) - we did see huge barnacles at the fish market with the creatures poking their little feet out ... brrrrrr . The main course was Hake but it was served covered in the strongest smoked mussels ever (you could smell the plate before it got to the table) and then a dessert which might have been a Sabayone but tasted like it was something that may have been excreted by a Llama. Other than that - I had a lot of fun. A raucous group even into the tender back to the ship. Margaret, our friend from Washington State, being a contender for the most rowdy of the bunch. I think she is going to catch up with us in Santiago for dinner. I will give her a corrective interview there on proper behavior for lawyers when they are out of their home countries.

We will be in BA in a couple of days and I will get pictures onto this blog and continue writing when there's something interesting to report for as long as we're away - another couple of weeks.
Emily and Denise join us in five ? days I think and then we go to Iguazu Falls for a side trip. Sally has a birthday in BA on March 2 and I have orders to make something lemon....... Maybe will use one of those lemon reamers mentioned in the early days of this blog.

Will sign off for now as my internet minutes are growing slim (not me - that's for sure) ...

love m
xx oo

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