Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rocking and Rolling in the Atlantic

Hugely rough seas last night and all day today - sort of like big rolling mountains out here. Waves were 35 ft high this morning and have become bigger and bigger all day. Books flying off the shelves in the library, stuff falling out of cupboards and closets, waiters staggering around with trays. It's quite challenging to stay upright. i've taken to walking below decks in the passageway on our floor to get from the bow to the stern - i can then just stagger into a wall on each side. As i sat down in this chair to do the blog i noticed the other swivel chairs were spinning if they were empty. We just had dinner in the big dining room in the stern of the ship -The Rotterdam - and you really see the dipping and diving back there.

Sally has had a cold these past three days and is doing all that she can to be rid of it. If we can actually land in the Faulklands this time we are both wanting to have excursions there - me to the sheep farm to watch the border collies work the sheep and Sally to a penguin rookery at Bluff Cove. The captain says you just dont know until you get there whether or not you can launch the tenders to get into Port Stanley - it depends on the wind. One time a few years ago they had tendered 1000 passengers into Port Stanley on excursions and the wind changed and they couldn't be picked up. I believe Port Stanley only has a population of 1000 people or so - you can imagine the dilemma of doubling the size of the town. Old army barracks were used, hospitals, and of course, people opened their homes to the passengers until they could be picked up the next day. I'm counting on buying wool there tomorrow, so we'd just better get in.

We saw an amazing show last night - a broadway review of Bob Mackie's costumes - and the singers were mostly people who've worked on Broadway. It was really good. I had low expectations and was really impressed. One of the singers looked a lot like Mike's girlfriend Kate, when she's all gussied up. Hi Kate !!!

Am going to the movies with Margaret tonight and Sally is going to stay "in" since she's not feeling great. It's some silly chick flick, and so perfect. We three went to an outdoor movie the other night which was fun, but too cold and too rough and wet now. People can no longer even walk on the decks outside - too dangerous with the ship rollilng and pitching the way it is and also too wet. Something is rolling around and banging behind a wall near where i'm sitting. whatever it is - it sounds large and on the loose.

After the Faulklands we go into Ushuia again and this time I'm going to go on an excursion to OttwayBay to another penguin colony. I hadn't realized there are so many different types of Penguins until I came here. I can relate now as the best way to walk around this ship is penguin-like to distribute one's weight over a broader base in order not to tip over. Whenever I start to walk normally, the ship pitches and then it's staggerring running steps and then whoaaaaaa, tipping backwards and hanging on. It's times like this that I wish i had bigger f e e t.

love m
xx oo

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