Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Days at Sea / Beagle Channel

Went to the spa for an early appointment and had a seaweed bodywrap where one is encased in a coccoon while being surrounded by warm water up to your neck and then massaged head to toe. Not too shabby. I had the esthtician open the curtains and there were the fijords and islands of this part of Chile - the Beagle Channel I think. Kinda wonderful to see the view from a massage table .... we will be at sea without a stop at any port all day today and tonight. Tomorrow we arrive in Punta Arenas in Pategonia.
The ship is very comfortable and there are always places to be where you're on your own, or if you prefer, in more populated areas. We have been having dinner mostly at communal tables and have met some really great people. One British couple, perhaps in their late 20's had just hiked the Inca Trail all the way up Machu Pichu. They were regailing us with crazy travel stories of backpacking and sleeping in terrible places and also of amazing sights they've seen on a shoestring. This cruise is the ultimate luxury for them and I believe their cabin is on the lowest deck but they're loving it. While we are taking the $170 excursion, they are getting on a bus for $5 and keeping their fingers crossed - but having a wonderful time doing it. I will always maintain that youth is wasted on the young.
We are expecting some big big waves going around Cape Horn. The stories are pretty colourful of that part of this world. Talk of 30 foot waves and staying in your cabin ... that kind of thing. Hopefully this time the weather won't be so fierce down there.
We will see our first Penguins tomorrow - can't wait !!!
Hope everyone is well - we are fine and loving each day as it comes.
I will post some pictures in a day or two. It takes forever to do that, and maybe better done from port.

love maggie

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