Saturday, February 6, 2010

on the way to the Faulklands now

We were in Ushuia yesterday where 90% of all expeditions to Antartica begin. It's a desolate place, altogether isolated from the rest of Argentina. We went on a really overly long boat trip back down the Beagle Channel to see Penguins and Sea Lions yesterday. Will be seeing more penguins on the way back on another excursion. They are stinky little guys 'cause they're fish eaters, and funny as anything to watch. The ones we saw were Magellanic Penguins - the medium sized ones, and a few of another species with the orange beaks and feet - can't remember their name.... but I bought the t-shirt anyway.
The trip down the Beagle Channel yesterday was nothing short of spectacular on the way to Ushuia, and I have some amazing pictures of the fijords all misty in the morning light. Sally calls it the Land of the Lord of the Rings. It brings all those stories to mind. We sailed past Glaciers and waterfalls and literally thousands of fijords. Tall craggy mountains with snow on top and then rounded hills from glaciers "polishing" them smooth. Sometimes all these formations are together. It's a remarkable place and people are conspicuously absent if that makes any sense. It's eerily empty. We are now moving past the Land of the Fires - Tierra del Fuego - and I can see the outline of that coast in the distance from where I sit. We rounded Cape Horn this morning around 7 a.m. and we were expecting huge swells and a really rough ride. It wasn't as rough as our first few days on board after we left Vina del Mar, when the waves were maybe 15 ft. high. It's choppy now but just moderate swells apparently. We should reach the Faulklands tomorrow morning and winds permitting, will get into Stanley for our excursion. Sally and I are going to a sheep farm hopefully and having a lamb bbq for lunch. Since you all know I'm Collie crazy - can't wait to see the Border Collies working the sheep. Also promised Janet, my sister in law, to bring back wool for her from there as it's supposed to be the most pristine wool on the planet so am praying we get in.
I know everybody has been looking forward to viewing pictures and i've just talked to the computer guy about it, and if I compress my pictures I might be able to download them when it's not so busy in here. When everyone is online it's impossibly slow.
We are going to a dress up dinner tonight in the dining room. Had a fantastic dinner a couple of nights ago in the "Pinnacle" which is the added cost dining room. Fabulous food.
I will close for now as we are going to a lecture in 15 mins about the Faulklands. We attended another art lecture this morning - this time on Salvidore Dali. Really interesting. Am going to start going to the digetal camera classes next week. Tomorrow the art lecture is on Erte - did I spell that correctly? Art Noveau stuff. Haven't gone to any cooking classes yet as have been too busy eating........
Love to you all and will try to post something tomorrow night.

love m
xx oo

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